Multiple sources are reporting light crowds and jovial atmospheres at Las Vegas casinos, which began re-opening Thursday at the stroke of midnight.

Several Las Vegas casinos welcomed back patrons Thursday following a weeks-long shutdown related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An early Thursday morning live stream uploaded by YouTuber JacobslifeinVegas shows the precise moment customers who were lined-up outside the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas were granted access to the casino’s gaming floor.

Uploaded: June 4, 2020 — Source: [Timestamp 2:47+]

Longtime poker player and former Part Time Poker contributor John Mehaffey (see: ), along with best-selling author Jeff Hwang (see: 传奇sf) were on hand for the Downtown LV Grand Re-opening as well…

…and have been reporting via Twitter from Sin City since the re-openings began.

Customers Preoccupied with Enjoying Themselves, Not COVID-19

Video clips and images continued to be shared on Thursday, but perhaps none drew more attention than a 30-second glimpse into The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino via Las Vegas Review Journal reporter Mick Akers.

That video along with other media embeds prompted BettingUSA analyst Steve Ruddock to publish a critical write-up on the decision made by Las Vegas casinos to ignore Dr. Anthony Fauci’s guidance.

READ: (Jun 4, 2020)

The images likewise caught the attention of TwoPlusTwo News, Views, and Gossip传奇sf forum members.


“Is there somewhere where I can bet on super-spreading, the great new contact sport that’s really popular in Vegas?” -ArtyMcFly

“Wow. I guess if covid is pretty much played out and behind us then party on garth.” — “If it’s not, then this won’t end well.” -PTLou

“That is far more crowded than I expected.” — “This is incredible. If they’re going to allow this, they might as well allow 9-handed poker.” -golfnutt

“It’s officially hopeless. Look at this there is no social distancing at all. Lots aren’t wearing masks either.” -EastCoastBalla

“Normally, I think downtown Las Vegas would be around 85/15 favoring tourists. Last night, it was probably the other way around.” -John Mehaffey

Mixed Reactions to Las Vegas Casino Re-openings

Although Las Vegas casinos had shown an abundance of caution since the COVID-19 outbreak by shutting down completely, that caution now appears to have been thrown to the wind传奇sf upon re-opening.

The atmosphere at Sin City casinos appears to be jovial — if not outright festive — as Las Vegas prepares for its first weekend of uninterrupted casino activity since early March. It could take weeks (or even months) to decipher whether the decision to re-launch gaming floor activity was timely or not.

In the meantime, patrons and reporters alike are enjoying the light crowds and nonstop activity that are currently available at many casinos in Las Vegas.

I slept from about 6 to 11am this morning,John Mehaffey told Part Time Poker传奇sf late Thursday night.

I am going to try and catch up on some of that tonight.

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FEATURED IMAGE: The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, by FOX5Vegas

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